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If you could live anywhere, where would you chose?
A pristine forest filled with romping creatures
In a log cabin on an open field
Inside a creepy coffin in the lower dungeon
As a wizard's apprentice in a magic castle
Anywhere as long as there is adventure!
In a cock-eyed cottage under the ground
Deep, deep in the woods with friendly animals
In a kingdom floating on a cloud
What do you like to play?
Anything that's unusual and irritating
Hide 'n Seek
A pretend tea party
Paper dolls
Bloody Mary
What fascinates you?
Climbing high and seeing far away
Sneaking and spying
People in foreign places
Love at first sight
Ghosts, goblins, werewolves, and vampires
Dreams that make absolutely no sense at all
The Unexplained
What do you like to eat?
sweets, sweets, and lots of sweets
Biscuits, scones or crumpets
Anything that appears before you
Flapjacks and maple syrup
Green eggs and ham
A feast fit for a king
Road kill
Peanut butter

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