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20 sheets of construction paper

Black marker


What to do:

1. Write each of these words on a sheet of construction paper: fat, cat, funny, bunny, bug, jug, bony, pony, snake, cake, cool, tool, wee, bee, mad, dad, mouse, house, toad, road.

2. Spread the papers on the floor, mixing and separating the rhyming words. Ask the following riddles and have the children match the rhyming words:


An overweight kitty (fat cat)

A silly rabbit (funny bunny)

A jar of insects (bug jug)

A skinny horse (bony pony)

A python dessert (snake cake)

A cold hammer (cool tool)

A tiny bug (wee bee)

An angry father (mad dad)

A rodent's home (mouse house)

A frog's street (toad road)


3. Think up more simple nouns and ask the children to come up with their own rhymes.


-- Dotti Enderle, Richmond, TX




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