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Tag board

Felt in assorted colors

Googly eyes




What To Do:

In advance, cut a circle pattern from tag board 2" (5cm) in diameter. Using the pattern, cut a felt circle for each child. Next, cut triangles and tear-drop shapes from felt in a variety of colors for the ears, approximately 1" (3cm) long. Additionally, cut 1" by 1 1/2" (3cm by 4cm) felt strips in any color.

Have the children glue the googly eyes and felt ears on the circles. When they are finished, invite the children to draw noses, mouths, and whiskers on their pet's face with markers.

Help the children glue each end of the felt strip on the back of their pencil pal, leaving a small opening in the center to slip their pencil through.


More To Do:

Language: Cut paper in the shape of an animal, then invite the children to compose a few sentences about their pencil pal; record their words on the paper and assemble the pages in a book. Cover the book with a felt animal.

More art: Encourage the children to draw pictures of their pencil pal or their pet at home. Make felt pals for drinking straws. Add a Velcro attachment to the back of the pet pal and wear it on a belt loop or backpack.


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--Dotti Enderle, Richmond, TX




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