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Secrets of Lost Arrow

Written by Dotti Enderle

Published by Llewellyn Publishing


Something's glowing in Lightfoot Creek.

Spring break has arrived at last, and Juniper's headed to her grandmother's house in Lost Arrow for a visit. This year she's bringing along her friends Anne and Gena, the two other members of the Fortune Tellers Club.

Something strange is going on in the graveyard near Nan's house. Each night a mysterious glow rises near Lightfoot Creek, casting an eerie light over the cemetery and creeping toward the house.

Nan's starting to act weird, and Juniper soon discovers that she's been sneaking out in the middle of the night. Can the Fortune Tellers Club solve the mystery of the glow before Nan disappears for good? [Purchase]



Hand of Fate

Written by Dotti Enderle

Published by Llewellyn Publishing


A car accident prevents Anne from possibly winning the Cheerleader of the Year award. This odd twist of fate provokes the Fortune Tellers Club to explore the cause of the accident. Using astrology and other fortune telling techniques the girls discover a strange connection between Anne and a woman she's never met. As the club gradually unravels the tangled web of fate, Anne learns shocking news about herself. [Purchase]



Mirror, Mirror

Written by Dotti Enderle

Published by Llewellyn Publishing


When Gena sees an unknown girl reflected in her mirror, she and the other Fortune Tellers Club members are determined to discover the girl's identity and somehow recover Gena's reflection. [Purchase]



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