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Carry a coin minted in the year of your birth.

Keep a horseshoe in your house, but make sure it hangs opened end up. If you turn it, all the luck will run out.

Always put on your right shoe first.

Get up on the same side of the bed each day.

Itís bad luck to move a broom from one house to another.

Itís bad luck to sing before breakfast.



Red roses attract a loved one.

Sleep with holly under your pillow to dream of your future spouse.

Put a four-leaf clover in your shoe to meet your future spouse.

Eat your dinner backward, dessert first, and once you finish, a vision of your future husband will appear briefly in the chair beside you.



Amber protects against the evil eye.

Wear a crystal to enhance psychic power.

Wear a diamond for wisdom.

A moonstone protects you when traveling.



If your ear itches, someone is gossiping about you.

If your foot itches, youíll travel somewhere youíve never been before.

If your right palm itches, youíll get money.

If your nose itches, youíll have company. (If your nose itches, someoneís coming with a hole in their britches.)



Halloween: A jack-o-lantern keeps away the evil spirits.

Christmas: Mistletoe attracts your true love.

New Years Day: Eat black-eyed peas for good luck and money all year.

Valentines Day: Eat chocolate for true love.

Easter: Finding two egg yokes in your Easter egg is good luck.


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