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Disguising these events as merely part of the party, have a round of challenges – a Karaoke or singing contest, a dance contest (or just dancing), and other challenges that are part of the clues on the red and blue envelopes, such as whistling, rolling their tongues, doing backbends, picking up objects with their toes, etc.


Break for pizza or cake. Yum!



Have the girls sit in a circle, and give them each a fortune cookie. They are not to open it until it’s their turn. Starting with the birthday girl (or host), have her break open her fortune cookie, and read aloud the fortune within. She is then required to follow the instructions and use the form of divination written on her fortune. Each answer will tell which color envelope to select, red or blue.


Another break for food or bathroom.



Starting with the host or birthday girl, let each guest “forecast” her prediction on a sheet of paper, then take turns reading the answers. Each girl should state why she predicted this person as the thief. The thief will then reveal herself.



Because of the fantastic fortune telling done at this psychic fair, you've discovered the culprit! How many of you studied the clues and guessed correctly? Great job! Now you may now decide your own punishment for the thief. All in fun, of course.


Ideas for party favors:

Fortune Cookies.

Each child’s horoscope rolled up like a scroll.

Chinese Horoscope printed on an index card.

A pendulum made with ribbon and a small washer or inexpensive pendant.


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