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After inserting the fortunes inside the cookies, then take the envelopes and put a red X on ten of them, and a blue X on the rest. These envelopes will contain clues for round two.


The red clues are:

1. The thief cannot sing!

2. The thief believes in ghosts!

3. The thief can whistle!

4. The thief has a secret crush!

5. The thief likes movies stars better than singing stars!

6. The thief has dark eyes!

7. The thief can predict the future by eating chocolate!

8. The thief can sleep sitting up!

9. The thief can roll her tongue like a hotdog!

10. The thief can do a backbend!


The blue clues are:

1. The thief can dance!

2. The thief has mismatched socks in her drawer!

3. The thief has more than 10 moles on her right arm!

4. The thief can balance a feather on her nose!

5. The thief can drop a quarter into a cup with her knees!

6. The thief can strike a weird Yoga position!

7. The thief likes veggies!

8. The thief once owned more than 10 Barbies!

9. The thief can pick up objects with her toes!

10. The thief has eyelashes longer than her fingernails.


It's Party Time!

When the guests arrive read them the premise of the game:

Juniper, Anne, and Gena are more than best friends. For the past two years the girls have been solving mysteries as the Fortune Tellers Club - a secret organization of three.

While visiting a psychic fair, Juniper wins an amazing raffle prize. The Mystic Eye a replica of the human eye, encased in a miniature crystal pyramid. Held to the light, the eye gives off a prism of rainbow colors. Magical!

As the fair closes, and the psychics roll up their velvet rugs, Juniper comes to a heartbreaking realization the Mystic Eye is missing. After frantic attempts by the three girls to find it, the Fortune Tellers Club can draw only one conclusion. The Mystic Eye has been stolen!

After some careful planning, the girls decide to organize their own psychic fair. The only invited guests the suspicious psychics who had been there on that fateful day. Using tools of divination, the Fortune Tellers Club intend to draw out the thief, forcing her to return the Mystic Eye to Juniper - its rightful owner.

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