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Fortune Tellers Club: The Mystic Eye is a mystery party for girls who love divination! For your birthday or just for fun, follow the instructions below to host your own Fortune Tellers Club Mystery Party.

The game is designed for ďtweensĒ and teens, and is played by 6-10 players in three rounds. It requires some simple materials to be used as divination tools.


Materials needed:

A pendulum (This can be something as simple as a key tied to a length of string.)

A regular deck of cards

A pair of dice

A bowl of salt and some food coloring

A coin

Paper and pen

10 Fortune cookies

20 small envelopes

Red and blue marker


Before the party, remove the wrappers from the fortune cookies and carefully extract the fortunes inside. Using small strips of paper, write new fortunes that will be rolled up and inserted inside. The new fortunes will read:

How does the pendulum swing? Hold the pendulum straight. If it circles clockwise, select a blue envelope. Counterclockwise, a red envelope.

Take a number. Add together the digits of the hostís birthday. If the sum is an odd number, select a blue envelope. Even, a red envelope.

Itís in the cards. Shuffle the cards and turn up three. If two or more are red, select a red envelope. Black, take a blue envelope.

One roll of the dice or maybe twice! Roll the dice into the circle. If they add up to an even number, select a red envelope. If odd, take a blue envelope.

Give them a hand. Check the hostís palm. If the lines make an X in the middle, select a blue envelope. If not, red.

A crystal ball will show us all! Using the bowl of salt, drop some smatterings of food coloring inside. Concentrate on the shapes that form. If you see an animal inside, select a blue envelope. If not, red.

Itís in the stars. If the host was born in the first half of the year, select a red envelope. A blue envelope for the second half.

Heads or tails? Flip a coin. Heads, select a red envelope. Tails, blue.

Write it out! Write your name. If your handwriting is slanted to the right, select a blue envelope. If itís straight up and down or slanted left, select red.

The gameís afoot! Look at the foot of the person on your right. If her second toe is bigger than her big toe, select a blue envelope. If not, red.

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