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Numbers can be mystical, magic and revealing. Numerology is a form of divination that tells about people by adding up the numbers in their lives. Curious? Sorry, but you’ll have to do math for this.


To find your personal number, add your birth month, day and year together. For example, if you were born on September 2, 1990 (9/2/90), then you’d add it like this.




Now you have to reduce that to a single digit.




2 would be your personal number.


But what do the numbers mean?


1 = Independent, strong, a leader

2 = Gentle, shy, sweet

3 = Charming, playful, great sense of humor

4 = Dependable, hard-working, realistic

5 = Adventurous, creative, restless

6 = Friendly, kind, caring

7 = Smart, geeky, quiet

8 = Organized, level-headed, ambitious

9 = Romantic, emotional, sympathetic


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