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Wheel of Fortune

For this you’ll need a paper plate, a ruler, a pencil, a paper fastener, a hole puncher, and a piece of cardboard or a thin piece of plastic (an empty milk jug works great).

Using the pencil and ruler, draw four lines on the paper plate, dividing it into eight sections. Draw one symbol on each section:

1. Sun 2. Cat 3. Star 4. Heart 5. Coin 6. Snake 7. Moon 8. Bird

Cut a narrow triangle out of the plastic milk jug or cardboard. This is the pointer. Using the hole puncher, make a hole in the middle of the triangle. Then poke a hole in the middle of the paper plate.

You may need to use the tip of your pencil to do this. Loosely fasten the triangle to the paper plate with the paper fastener. If it doesn’t spin, you may have to make the holes a little bigger.

Once you’re finished, ask a question and give the pointer a spin.

If it lands on the Sun that means happiness.

The cat means clever ideas.

The star means you’ll achieve fame or success.

The heart means love or affection.

The coin means you’ll be getting some money.

The snake means watch out! An enemy is lurking nearby.

The moon indicates psychic powers.

The bird means you’ll receive some good news.


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