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Scrying is just a fancy word for crystal gazing. But you donít need a crystal ball. Use a glass of water instead. Use a clear glass if possible, and fill it nearly full. Place it on a steady surface that wonít wobble or shake. Take a deep breath and concentrate on the surface of the water. If your eyes blur, thatís okay. Concentrate. Some people see the images in the water, and some see images in their minds. If you donít see anything at first, keep trying. It may take some practice. Think about the images you see and focus on what they could mean. If you see something that just doesnít make any sense at all, write it down. You may understand it at a later time. Scrying is one of the most effective ways to develop your psychic power or ESP.


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There are so many different methods of fortune telling Ė Ouija boards, tarot cards, rune stones, etc. To learn more, head for your nearest library. And may your future always be bright! Go to the next page for even more fortune telling fun!

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