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When you reach in a box of animal crackers

Close your eyes, donít peek!

For the very first one that you pull out

Is the fortune that you seek.


Tiger: Youíll definitely be in charge today.


Cougar: Do something youíve been afraid to.


Camel: Youíll amaze everyone with your endurance.


Rhinoceros: This is not the time to play games.


Kangaroos: Help friends or loved ones.


Hippopotamus: Your stubborn streak will reveal itself.


Bison: Hold fast to your dreams. Challenges ahead.


Lion: People will look to you for guidance.


Hyena: Take time to have fun.


Zebra: A good day for travel.


Elephant: Put your trust in someone else.


Sheep: This is the day to be creative.


Bear: Your talents will be recognized.


Gorilla: You may prove smarter than your think.


Monkey: Be silly today.


Seal: Your love life will flourish.


Giraffe: Today youíll reach a goal.


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