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Your birthstone is so much more than a gemstone for good luck. Try doing this form of divination using birthstone colors. First you’ll want to buy twelve flat-sided marbles in the floral section of a craft or department store. Buy one color marble for each birthstone. Since there is generally only one color of red, you can substitute black for garnet.

Take a piece of felt, cut into a rectangle. Draw an X on it, forming four triangles. Like this:

In one triangle write the word past, in another, present, in another, future, then outcome. Hold the marbles at least one foot above the felt and drop them. The ones that bounce off are not interpreted. Now look at which ones fell into each triangle.

Using the definitions below, interpret what the stones are telling you. For example, if a clear marble (diamond) fell into the triangle representing the past, then it could mean you had to muster a lot of courage for a problem or situation that you found particularly challenging. Use your imagination and your intuition. The more you do this, the better you’ll become.


Garnet (black marble): healing or protection


Amethyst (purple): dreams, psychic, meditation


Aquamarine (light blue): peace


Diamond (clear): strength


Emerald (dark green): money, wealth


Pearl (white): purity, joy, serenity


Ruby (red): love, emotion, passion


Peridot (light green): luck


Sapphire (dark blue): magic or power


Opal (iridescent): beauty, happiness


Topaz (golden): memories or healing


Turquoise (milky blue): nature, luck, immediate answers


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